TraffixDesign - Traffic Engineering Design and Survey

Traffix Design provides a complete range of traffic design and survey services to VicRoads, Local Government and private sector clients. Our design services include:

Feature Survey and Existing Conditions Plans

Traffix Design undertakes feature surveys for the preparation of existing conditions plans to assist clients in the concept, scoping and design of traffic management proposals.

Concept and Functional Plans

Traffix Design undertakes the preparation of concept and functional layout plans for a range of traffic management and parking proposals including:

  • Traffic signals
  • Roundabouts
  • Traffic routes and intersections
  • Property access
  • Carparks
  • Bicycle facilities
  • Pedestrian facilities including DDA compliance
  • Local Area Traffic Management schemes
Design Plans

Traffix Design undertakes the preparation of detailed design plans for the following traffic management proposals:

  • Traffic signals
  • Local Area Traffic Management schemes including roundabouts, kerb extensions, slow points, etc.
  • Bicycle facilities
  • Linemarking and signing plans
  • Pedestrian facilities including the installation of tactile ground surface indicators
Vehicle Swept Path Diagrams (using AutoTURN)

Traffix Design undertakes the preparation of vehicle swept path diagrams using AutoTURN, a computer based CAD package. These diagrams provide an efficient tool to assist the design of intersections, accessways, carparks and loading areas.

Drafting Services

Traffix Design provides drafting services for traffic management and transport planning projects.