TraffixGroup - Local Government Services

Traffix Group is one of Melbourne's leading specialist traffic engineering and transport planning consultancies. We have a strong local government focus, providing a range of services to meet the particular needs of local government clients.

Our services to local government include:

Traffic Impact Assessment of Town Planning Applications

  • Independent Review of Traffic Engineering Assessments
  • Expert Evidence to VCAT and Planning Panels

Traffic and Transport

  • Integrated Transport Strategies
  • Arterial Road Traffic Management
  • Local Area Traffic Management

Bicycles and Pedestrians
  • Bicycle Plans and Strategies
  • Pedestrian Accessibility and Safety Plans and Strategies
  • Project Scoping


  • Parking Policy and Strategy Development
  • Parking Precinct Plans
  • Parking Management Strategies
  • Parking Surveys and Investigations

Streetscape and Urban Design

  • Urban Design Framework Studies
  • Streetscape Designs

Road Safety

  • Road Safety Audits
  • Municipal Road Safety Strategies
  • Road Safety Research Projects
  • Blackspot Analysis, Scoping Reports and Funding Application

Community Consultation on Traffic and Transport Proposals

  • Facilitating Public Meetings, Technical Workshops and Steering Committees
  • Community Circulars and Questionnaire Surveys

Contract Staff - TraffixPlacements
  • Short to Medium-term Contracts to Local Government
  • Assistance with Customer Enquiries and Investigations
  • Traffic Comments on Town Planning Applications

Traffic Data Collection - TraffixSurvey

  • Automatic Tube Counts
  • Intersection Turning Movement and Vehicle Classification Counts
  • Origin-Destination (Numberplate) Surveys
  • Travel Time and Delay Surveys
  • Bicycle, Public Transport and Pedestrian Surveys
  • Interview Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Parking Inventories and Occupancy Surveys

Traffic Engineering Design & Drafting - TraffixDesign

  • Traffic Route and Intersection Functional Layout Design
  • Traffic Signal and Roundabout Layout Design
  • Vehicle Swept Path Diagrams using AutoTURN Software
  • Bicycle, Pedestrian and Public Transport Facilities
  • Local Area Traffic Management Treatments