TraffixPlacements - Contract Placement Services

Traffix Placements provides traffic engineers on short to medium-term contracts to Local and State Government authorities.

This service ensures our clients can secure quality staff on an ‘as needs’ basis and provides them with access to the valuable experience and skills of our organisation.

We regularly place traffic engineers at varying levels of experience for periods of two weeks to over 12 months. These staff can be provided on a full-time or part-time basis to meet specific client needs.

Our traffic engineers are often employed to help clients reduce a backlog of work, deal with more time consuming or difficult investigations, undertake specific projects or release permanent staff to focus on more important matters.

These arrangements offer flexibility to our clients to readily access quality and committed contract staff who have gained broad experience working on a range of consulting projects for local, state and private sector clients.

Traffix Group also provides off-site contract services from within our offices to assist clients with customer requests and investigations, preparation of reports and specific investigations. These services are often used by clients with limited office accommodation or clients located in regional areas.