TraffixSurvey - Data Collection Services

Traffix Survey provides a complete range of data collection and analysis services to VicRoads, Local Government and private sector clients. Our data collection services include:

Automatic Classification Counts

With over 40 MetroCount Vehicle Classifiers, Traffix Survey has the capability to undertake large projects in a timely manner.

Experienced technical staff ensure counters are located in the optimum position to collect a true representation of traffic conditions. All counts comply with appropriate traffic control guidelines and workplace safety practices.

Our survey reports include a comprehensive summary page of the key data and are supplied to clients electronically, in hard copy and can be accessed via TraffixInfo on our website.

Manual Traffic Surveys

Traffix Survey undertakes manual traffic surveys using well developed procedures, experienced survey staff and advanced electronic survey equipment.

Our handheld traffic data collectors efficiently and accurately record count and classification information for a range of manual surveys. These purpose built devices store count and classification data in real-time and enable data to be downloaded electronically and analysed to produce clear and comprehensive reports.

Manual surveys undertaken by Traffix Survey include:

  • Intersection Turning Movement Counts
  • Vehicle Classification Counts
  • Pedestrian, Bicycle and Public Transport Counts
  • School Crossing Counts
  • Vehicle Speed Surveys
  • Lane Occupancy Surveys
  • Headway Surveys for Gap Acceptance Analysis
  • Face to Face Interview and Questionnaire Surveys

Parking Occupancy and Duration of Parking Stay Surveys

Traffix Survey undertakes parking surveys associated with parking strategies for strip shopping centres, the review of parking conditions around public transport nodes and development impact assessments. Our specialist software assists with the efficient analysis of numberplate data for duration of stay surveys.

Origin-Destination (Numberplate) Surveys

Traffix Survey has significant expertise in undertaking origin-destination surveys and uses this highly effective survey technique in small to large-scale traffic studies. Our specialist software assists with the development of origin-destination trip matrices.

Travel Time and Delay Surveys

Traffix Survey utilises up-to-date GPS technology to undertake Travel Time and Delay surveys. Our specialist software is used to check, validate and produce detailed and summary information on travel times.